Hand-addressed calligraphy envelopes

First impressions last longest

Your envelopes are the first element your guests will see, so let’s make them special – from handwritten calligraphy to vintage stamps, luxe liners and wax seals. 


Modern script for modern romantics

My modern script has a more fluid, ethereal feel than traditional script. Each envelope is individually handwritten, and you can choose from a wide range of envelope and ink colours. So the colour scheme for your big day can begin right here.


Classic script for tradition lovers

This handwritten calligraphy is perfect for regal stately home weddings. By choosing a light or metallic ink, however, you can go against tradition with a dark shade for your envelope such as navy, burgundy or even black.


Inner and outer envelopes

An inner envelope sits inside the outer envelope and holds your full invitation ensemble. It adds extra protection and is useful if there’s more than one element to your invitation.

It’s also a good opportunity to be clear about who is and isn’t invited. If, for example, you’re happy for guests to bring a plus-one, you can put “Miss Jones and Guest” on the inner envelope. If you’re restricting numbers, you just put “Miss Jones”.


Envelope liners & illustrations

A liner is a beautifully understated way to add an element of surprise and delight to your invitations. Another alternative is a bespoke illustration designed to fit the envelope size and shape.


Seal the love

Finish your envelopes with an enigmatic wax seal in your chosen colour and design. For a really personal touch, I can produce a bespoke monogram seal face for you.


Return Address

I can handwrite your return address on the back of your envelope. Or, if you choose a light-coloured envelope, your return address can be printed.


Vintage stamps

To ensure every detail is in keeping, I can source vintage postage stamps. This does require extra time and budget, but is a fabulous finishing touch.