Here is my handpicked selection of standard paper and envelope offering. 

Other paper and envelope options can be sourced to match your requirements.



Envelope colours

Weight differs per colour, 120-150 gsm


Print and finishes

I offer multiple print and finish options and having worked in the print industry know my way round other approaches we can explore together.

Digital print

This is the most common print method and is directly printing your artwork on the chosen paper. This is printed in a full colour high quality printer.
The process is straight forward, works for a large variety or papers and can offer a quick turnaround.


Letterpress printing method involves production of the design on a metal or polymer plates that are then pressed directly onto the paper creating an indent which can be deeper or flatter as per your preference. Letterpress works particularly well with cotton paper as it suitable for embossing.

Letterpress also offers blind emboss option where the text or illustration only appear as indents on the paper.


As the title suggests, this printing method foils the artwork onto the paper. The method involves production of metallic plates that are used to apply foil on the paper using heat - this is why you will have heard of hot foiling and hot stamping.

Hand finishing

To truly add one of a kind detail to your stationery, I offer hand finishing which means that all calligraphy detail is handwritten on each invitation. This method allows for metallic inks to be used - gold, silver, copper, bronze, rose gold.

White ink printing

A recent favourite of mine is white ink printing as it allows the use of dark colour papers and the finish truly is one of a kind.


There is a variety of other printing and finishing techniques I can offer including, but not