Environmental responsibility

As I have started making changes in my everyday life to ensure our household is using more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, I feel passionately about running my business the same way.


All paper used in my products comes from FSC certified sources with many also having additional policies in place to ensure they are making their manufacturing processes more efficient, reduce waste and give back to the environment.

Handmade paper comes from 100% recycled cotton materials which makes me very happy.

There are some products Iā€™m working on to source a more sustainable solutions such as vellum and plastic wax seals, I will update my policies as appropriate when these issues are solved.


I have now transitioned to fully recyclable packaging by using only cardboard boxes and recycled craft paper for wrapping. Where more fragile materials such as agate are used, I have now sourced fully biodegradable bubble wrap.

NB! I still have some stock of standard bubble wrap and plastic mailing bags which I use occasionally where I think it is safer to have weatherproof packaging. As these materials were purchased previously, I think it would be less responsible to just throw them out without a single use, but no further plastic packaging is being purchased.

Thank you!
Everita x

Photo credit: San Shawe