Set the scene for your truly special day

While Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was the inspiration for my first four semi-bespoke stationery suites, each one embodying a particular mood, setting or sensibility, the following ones carry the name of venues my incredibly inspirational couples chose as their place of celebration. Using beautiful calligraphy, textured papers, delicate silk, velvet ribbons and vintage wax seals, I translate the essence of your milieu into something your guests can treasure. 

Each of the suites can be tailored to you and your day, and I also offer a fully bespoke service. So see them as your starting point and begin dreaming.


Longbourn wedding suite

Inspired by the underestimated value of simplicity. Subtle calligraphy elements are teamed with classic fronts for a fresh, clean look.

Meryton suite

Celebrate simplicity and clean lines with the stripped back Meryton suite on luxe card or handmade paper.


Pemberley stationery suite

Uniting delicate vellum with textured handmade paper, this suite allows beguiling layering of calligraphy and type elements.

Netherfield Park wedding suite

For true romantics, my signature ethereal style is capture in a bespoke monogram and delicate name and date details.


Hunsford suite

This suite celebrates the gentleness of foliage illustrations on lush cotton paper.

Rosings stationery suite

Featuring strong illustrations, it’s a memorable way to add character or a really personal element to your stationery.


Aynhoe suite

Suite embodying the essence of the unique Aynhoe venue features impactful fonts mixed with a variety of printing methods.

Fully bespoke wedding stationery

If you can dream it, I can make it. Most of my work is bespoke, often combining elements of the main suites but certainly not restricted to them. Why not get in touch and we can begin discussing the details?